Wow 4 months… Sorry

Ok so I know it’s been a long while since I’ve put anything up and in sorry about that.
Things have been a little hectic.
I have some new concepts that in developing that in hoping to get shot fairly soon.
Some exciting things are in the works. Here’s hoping my follow through, follows through.


Domain transition

Ok so im moving my domain name away from this blog. I feel its time to get my act together and build a proper site for my work.  Right now im in the process of changing my name servers and waiting for the DNS to propigate.  Ive only done some LIGHT design work for the new site.  Its going to take me some time to get everything put together and in the meantime ill have the site redirect back here to the blog. fun fun fun



quick update

Just a real quick update.
Some of my photos from the event I worked a few weeks ago have been published in one of the local papers.
Thats rather cool.


Birthday event.

Worked a joint birthday event Monday. Was a lot of fun. People were having a great time. The event was Prom themed. Working on processing the photos but it is becoming more and more apparent that a new laptop and new non-bloated software suite is needed.


New software needed!

So after all the trouble I went through to upgrade to aperture 3 it has become apparent to me the I MUST find a new photo processing software package.  Aperture 2 was great. It was quick and worked as I expected. Aperture 3 could NOT be worse.  I know the computer I’m using is 6 – 7 years old but there is NO excuse, NONE, for one version of the software to take 4 HOURS longer to export images then the previous version.


Adobe Lightroom has been recommended to me by fellow photographers and after spending time with the trial it has become apparent to me that its time to make the switch.  So now I get to spend MORE money on new software as well as a lot of time getting comfortable with it like I did with Aperture.


Must keep learning


Im lagging, Im sorry

I know I know Im seriously lagging. Things in my life have become… complicated, to say the least.  Im doing my best but at the moment Im being torn in so many different directions Im not sure where I even stand at the moment.


Shots from the tutoring session still not up, sorry

So I really did mean to put those pictures up, no really i did. I put a new hard drive in my laptop and havent gotten around to getting all my photos back on the laptop and processed and uploaded. IM SORRY.  I will get to it i swear



Delays delays delays

So many delays. Everything seems to start and come to a screeching halt.

Most of the photoshoots I have planed are on hold for one reason or another.
I have an event that I’m shooting coming up which is exciting as I will be getting paid to do what I love. There’s so much added pressure BECAUSE I’m getting paid. If I’m working in a photo for myself there’s no pressure because if it doesn’t work out, oh well no big loss. If this doesn’t work out not only does the client not get what they want but my reputation takes a big hit. Being my first “paid work” gig I can’t drop the ball.

I did a tutoring session for some friends a week or two ago. It was a lot of fun getting to share something that means so much to me with people that really want to learn it. I need to get those photos post an I’d do it now but they aren’t on my iPhone. I’ll get to it soon I promise.


Random shot from last night

So I had the absolute pleasure of welcoming my good friend Crystal to the wonderful world of photography.  I had spent an hour on the phone with her the other night trying to help her decide what camera she should get.  After that hour on the phone it became clear that that just wasnt going to work. I told her to give me a call the next day and I would go with her to Samy’s Camera in Pasadena (Ca) and help her pick out a camera.

Spent an hour at so at Samy’s. The Guy behind the counter was very helpful and patient. He answered all her questions, and all the questions I asked. Finally she decided on the Canon T2i.  Since we were right there around the corner from King Taco we had to go in for lunch.

Back to Crystals house to plug the battery in and WAAAAAIIIIT for it to charge.  Thats excruciating. New toy and all she wants to do is play with it but she has to wait for it to charge.  While we were waiting for it to charge we munched on some King Taco and went over some basics.

With the battery charged we headed down to the bar to practice her shooting in various lighting conditions, and speed of subject. Crystal was so excited if was infectious.

As the night wound down we ended up back at Crystals house as she needed my help putting some furniture together and moving her GIANT TV.

So about 5am Im walking to my car and I look up and see a street lamp hidden behind a tree creating this wonderful light.  Having my camera handy I grabbed a quick shot.

Please enjoy.



NoH8 shoot is kind of in the can…

The NoH8 shoot is in the can. Kind of.  I need to go back and re-shoot a few of the images due to a lighting problem and a time crunch that prevented the re-shoot right then and there.

Anyway the images are being processed and will we going up soon but in the meantime here is one of the images.

Do you see the subliminal image?  Its subtle, but a point for the first person to see it.

This also is the first time im using my new logo!

NoH8 (click for full size)

B.Bresson and S.Martinez were an absolute pleasure to work with

I am not associated with the NoH8 campaign. However I do believe in what they stand for.

Want to know more? NoH8 Campaign Website

November 2022