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A photoshoot with a friend

My friend Kalen had asked me to take some photos of her.  We had tried to do it last week but it didn’t work out.

It is one of my first shoots doing people. She started off tense but as the day moved on she relaxed and we got some great shots.

We are hoping to do another shoot soon in a different style.

Model : Kalen Marie Tolces )

Make up : Sabrina Kenna )

( Flicker |  My Favorites |  Full Shoot )

The below are just a few of my favorites.

My favorite shot of the shoot


Practicing head shots

So these are a little late.  I took these the other day.  My friend Cheyne Fritts was kind enough to let me experiment on him.  I don’t have too much experience shooting people, and I really need to get in some practice.

I also have another shoot with a friend today to get some more practice in.  Really wish I had a sun shade and a reflector or 3 of each with adjustable stands for all.

My Flickr |  Headshots Set

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Suicide Bridge shoot

A friend of mine has wanted to go out and take photos of bridges.  Her goal is to put together a coffee table book of bridges.

We tried to go last week but ran into a few problems with timing.  So we planed to go this week.  This is only one of a few bridges that she wants to photograph so there will more than likely be more architectural and bridge photos coming in the next few months.

The full set of photos will be available on my Flickr.  I have yet to upload all the photos taken as there were ALOT, but i have gone ahead and put up most of my favorites.  You can find the set HERE.

(Click any image to view a larger version)


Suicide Bridge

Did a shoot of suicide Bridge in Pasadena yesterday.  Unfortunately I haven’t had an opportunity to get the images posted just yet. I should be Able to have them up fairly soon though.


griffith observatory

I had wanted to go monday, but was informed they were closed.

So I went today.  It had rained earlier in the day. The air was clear and brisk. The concrete was wet and reflecting light. The view incredible.

Its funny, i was trying to think how long it has been since I had been there.  My best bet is 15 – 20 years.

below are some of my favorite shots from today.  The rest of them are on my Flicker.  (Direct link -> Griffith Observatory set)

Griffith Observatory


Nothing today

So I had planned to go up to Griffith Observatory today and get some pictures.

Only I found out that they are closed mondays, fortunately I discovered this fact BEFORE I went up there.

Other then a few quick shots of friends at the bar tonight I have nothing to show.

Oh well tomorrow is another day.


Top of the world

I dropped a friend off at home.  As I was heading home I came around the corner from her house and saw this view.

I had my camera with me so I had to pull over and photograph it.

2 shots from slightly different angles.

Angle 1

Top of the world 1

Angle 2

Top of the world 2

(seems wordpress is screwing with the dimensions of the images, click them to view them on flickr)