Todays Shoot

I had planned to do a shoot today with a new model.  However I have been unable to get in touch with her and so it has been put on hold.

My friend Cheyne had a few ideas for some shots and so I will be heading out with him today in an effort to try and get something good.

I have an opportunity that is truly exciting but it looks like I might have to pass.  A friend of mine is buddies with the owner of a club I like in hollywood. He was able to get him to agree to let me in one evening before the club opened to do a shoot.  However the models I had in mind are either unavailable or unable to do it.  So I am kind of at a loss.  I’m still working on filling the spots but time is getting short and the list of names is growing rather short.  It had been recommended to try someplace like Craigslist with a call for models but I’m not sure I’m comfortable working with people I dont know yet.  I am afraid that our unfamiliarty with each other might show up as tension in the images thus ruining what might have otherwise been a great shoot.


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