shoot today

So after more down time then I would have liked I have a shoot today with a new model out at Vasquez Rocks.  It’s the model I was going to shoot last week but she rescheduled due to the weather.

Hopefully it will be a good shoot. Location wardrobe and make up are all her doing, it’s going to be a casual non concept shoot.

Speaking of concepts I have spent a little time working on a few.  I’m hoping I will be able to flesh them out a bit more and then be able to find some people to help me with them.

I would also like to take just a second and wish my mom a happy birthday.  Mom, thank you for all the patience and support you have shown me over the years.  I know it hasn’t always been easy, and at times I’m sure it was down right difficult, but I hope you know it is appreciated and has helped me become who I am today.


1 Response to “shoot today”

  1. 1 Lorena
    February 16, 2010 at 9:56 am

    Wow, what a compliment. You are worth ANY effort. I love you right back! Thanks for all the laughs, yogurts, In-N-Out, and coffees. I am a blessed Mom.

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