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off on a tangent…

Forgive me for a moment while I go off on a tangent.

People have been talking about the problems we as a country face.  So many people are quick to point at the government and say they did this to us.
This is an easy thing to do.  But I dont see this to be our biggest problem.

The problem is the fact that corporate greed is undermining our country more then illegal immigration or terrorism.

Look at what the banking industry did to our economy.
Look what the oil industry is allowed to get away with doing to our environment  (yes BP im talking about you)
Look what the outsourcing of our jobs has done to our workforce.

The unchecked greed is killing us faster then any terrorist.

Capitalism is not about greed. Greed is not capitalism.

Capitalism is about working hard and being rewarded for it.
It is not about taking everything you can just because you can. It is not about taking at the expense of others.

We have allowed this to happen.
We have encouraged this to happen.

Now, we need to fix it.