Shoot canceled (delayed)

My shoot tonight got canceled. Well more like delayed. People were bogarting the space we were going to use so it’s been pushed back to Sunday.

Only thing getting me through the day today was the thought that I was going to get to shoot tonight.

Work has been nothing but stress this last two weeks.

My grandfather passed away today. While we weren’t close or even really knew each other it’s still a member of my family. It also is dragging things up that I thought I had gotten over.

Feeling so stressed and emotionally drained. It’s taking it’s toll. Insomnia is rearing its ugly head. More then rearing. More like rearing and breathing fire turning the world around me to ash that I must stumble through.
The shadowy fingers of depression are slowly wrapping themselves around my mind.

I’m hoping that I can turn these things into ins pertain for new shoots but at the moment I’m too tired to even try.
The siren song of my bed is pulling me. I think it might be best to answer its call and lay my weary head down and drift off into the gauzy realm of dreams. If I can that is.


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