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Delays delays delays

So many delays. Everything seems to start and come to a screeching halt.

Most of the photoshoots I have planed are on hold for one reason or another.
I have an event that I’m shooting coming up which is exciting as I will be getting paid to do what I love. There’s so much added pressure BECAUSE I’m getting paid. If I’m working in a photo for myself there’s no pressure because if it doesn’t work out, oh well no big loss. If this doesn’t work out not only does the client not get what they want but my reputation takes a big hit. Being my first “paid work” gig I can’t drop the ball.

I did a tutoring session for some friends a week or two ago. It was a lot of fun getting to share something that means so much to me with people that really want to learn it. I need to get those photos post an I’d do it now but they aren’t on my iPhone. I’ll get to it soon I promise.