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Birthday event.

Worked a joint birthday event Monday. Was a lot of fun. People were having a great time. The event was Prom themed. Working on processing the photos but it is becoming more and more apparent that a new laptop and new non-bloated software suite is needed.


New software needed!

So after all the trouble I went through to upgrade to aperture 3 it has become apparent to me the I MUST find a new photo processing software package.  Aperture 2 was great. It was quick and worked as I expected. Aperture 3 could NOT be worse.  I know the computer I’m using is 6 – 7 years old but there is NO excuse, NONE, for one version of the software to take 4 HOURS longer to export images then the previous version.


Adobe Lightroom has been recommended to me by fellow photographers and after spending time with the trial it has become apparent to me that its time to make the switch.  So now I get to spend MORE money on new software as well as a lot of time getting comfortable with it like I did with Aperture.


Must keep learning