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Im lagging, Im sorry

I know I know Im seriously lagging. Things in my life have become… complicated, to say the least.  Im doing my best but at the moment Im being torn in so many different directions Im not sure where I even stand at the moment.


Delays delays delays

So many delays. Everything seems to start and come to a screeching halt.

Most of the photoshoots I have planed are on hold for one reason or another.
I have an event that I’m shooting coming up which is exciting as I will be getting paid to do what I love. There’s so much added pressure BECAUSE I’m getting paid. If I’m working in a photo for myself there’s no pressure because if it doesn’t work out, oh well no big loss. If this doesn’t work out not only does the client not get what they want but my reputation takes a big hit. Being my first “paid work” gig I can’t drop the ball.

I did a tutoring session for some friends a week or two ago. It was a lot of fun getting to share something that means so much to me with people that really want to learn it. I need to get those photos post an I’d do it now but they aren’t on my iPhone. I’ll get to it soon I promise.


Random shot from last night

So I had the absolute pleasure of welcoming my good friend Crystal to the wonderful world of photography.  I had spent an hour on the phone with her the other night trying to help her decide what camera she should get.  After that hour on the phone it became clear that that just wasnt going to work. I told her to give me a call the next day and I would go with her to Samy’s Camera in Pasadena (Ca) and help her pick out a camera.

Spent an hour at so at Samy’s. The Guy behind the counter was very helpful and patient. He answered all her questions, and all the questions I asked. Finally she decided on the Canon T2i.  Since we were right there around the corner from King Taco we had to go in for lunch.

Back to Crystals house to plug the battery in and WAAAAAIIIIT for it to charge.  Thats excruciating. New toy and all she wants to do is play with it but she has to wait for it to charge.  While we were waiting for it to charge we munched on some King Taco and went over some basics.

With the battery charged we headed down to the bar to practice her shooting in various lighting conditions, and speed of subject. Crystal was so excited if was infectious.

As the night wound down we ended up back at Crystals house as she needed my help putting some furniture together and moving her GIANT TV.

So about 5am Im walking to my car and I look up and see a street lamp hidden behind a tree creating this wonderful light.  Having my camera handy I grabbed a quick shot.

Please enjoy.



Shoot canceled (delayed)

My shoot tonight got canceled. Well more like delayed. People were bogarting the space we were going to use so it’s been pushed back to Sunday.

Only thing getting me through the day today was the thought that I was going to get to shoot tonight.

Work has been nothing but stress this last two weeks.

My grandfather passed away today. While we weren’t close or even really knew each other it’s still a member of my family. It also is dragging things up that I thought I had gotten over.

Feeling so stressed and emotionally drained. It’s taking it’s toll. Insomnia is rearing its ugly head. More then rearing. More like rearing and breathing fire turning the world around me to ash that I must stumble through.
The shadowy fingers of depression are slowly wrapping themselves around my mind.

I’m hoping that I can turn these things into ins pertain for new shoots but at the moment I’m too tired to even try.
The siren song of my bed is pulling me. I think it might be best to answer its call and lay my weary head down and drift off into the gauzy realm of dreams. If I can that is.


Wow! Its been a while.

Ok so its been WAAAAAAAAAAY too long.

I have a new camera. A Canon 60D.

I’m getting back to shooting but im finding it difficult.

The fires of creativity were left untended and instead of spreading into a wildfire like smokey the bear would like us to believe they have dwindled and gone out.
With camera in hand I have been trying to rekindle those fires.

As a way to help I’m getting into Urbex.


Also I have been taking suggestions from friends on things that they would like to see or do.  So far I have one project in the works from that request that im hoping will come out well.

Below are some of the photos I took yesterday on my first Urbex Outing.


It’s good to be back doing what I love.


starving artist?

Starving Artist.

That phrase has taken on a whole new meaning for me.

I’m not going hungry, at least for food.  I do however feel that my creativity is starving and withering away.
Maybe I have become jaded by everything I have seen.
Maybe I’m not looking in the right places.
Maybe this isn’t what I’m supposed to be doing.

There are a lot of maybes.
All I know is it is getting harder and harder for me to pick up my camera “just because”.

This persistent numb feeling where I used to imagine and create.
A constant void.

I lost momentum with all the set backs, reschedules , and flakes.
Grew frustrated with shots not coming out as I would expect.
I slowed down too soon, before I was able to build enough momentum to carry me over this hill of frustration.

A muse I require.  Oh if only it were that easy.


rain rain go away

So if the rain keeps up im going to have no choice but to cancel my model shoot.  Since I havent shoot anything lately I really want to do the shoot.

Stupid rain ruining my fun =(

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