Random shot from last night

So I had the absolute pleasure of welcoming my good friend Crystal to the wonderful world of photography.  I had spent an hour on the phone with her the other night trying to help her decide what camera she should get.  After that hour on the phone it became clear that that just wasnt going to work. I told her to give me a call the next day and I would go with her to Samy’s Camera in Pasadena (Ca) and help her pick out a camera.

Spent an hour at so at Samy’s. The Guy behind the counter was very helpful and patient. He answered all her questions, and all the questions I asked. Finally she decided on the Canon T2i.  Since we were right there around the corner from King Taco we had to go in for lunch.

Back to Crystals house to plug the battery in and WAAAAAIIIIT for it to charge.  Thats excruciating. New toy and all she wants to do is play with it but she has to wait for it to charge.  While we were waiting for it to charge we munched on some King Taco and went over some basics.

With the battery charged we headed down to the bar to practice her shooting in various lighting conditions, and speed of subject. Crystal was so excited if was infectious.

As the night wound down we ended up back at Crystals house as she needed my help putting some furniture together and moving her GIANT TV.

So about 5am Im walking to my car and I look up and see a street lamp hidden behind a tree creating this wonderful light.  Having my camera handy I grabbed a quick shot.

Please enjoy.



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  1. 1 Crystal
    January 25, 2012 at 12:01 pm

    For the last couple of years I’ve gone back and forth with the idea of learning real photography, not point-and-shoot-auto-focus-hope-for-the-best kiddie photography. But the cameras are expensive, it’s hard to learn and I’d probably suck at it anyhow, so I kept putting it off. Then, Thanksgiving rolls around and I see the Diana F+ camera online touted as a great gift for photography lovers and start looking into it. Fall in love, but hold off anyway, looking at the listing on Amazon at least twice a week. Then Christmas dinner with the Pepper family and there are a few nice cameras roaming around taking gorgeous shots. My point-n-shoot takes “meh” ok shots. So I start seriously doing my research on DSLR cameras.

    Last Friday night I decided I’ve done enough research, enough procrastinating, enough talking myself out of it and I still look at these cameras all of the time, so it was time to bite the bullet. I went over to Target and they had a few of the cameras I’d researched online. I picked them up and played with them, trying to get a good feel. Then I called up one of my very very good friends (who tolerates me so well) and talked to him for an hour about the different cameras, what the reviews said, and what the real world value of the “features” were. He then made one of the most dangerous but generous offers… to take me shopping to a real camera store, to introduce me to the addiction, as he calls it. I may have to start calling it that too. I actually walked to the Jamba Juice around the corner this morning with a camera around my neck, looking for things in the beautiful morning light to take pictures of. Thanks Dave!!

    Now I’m gonna have to set up my own WordPress.

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